June 5 2020

I know it’s old fashioned but sometimes…

… you need a handset that is separate from the numbers so you can listen to instructions about what numbers to press for particular options; and a hands free facility so you can do other things while waiting for someone to answer your call.

But do all the phones need to be this ugly?

May 18 2020

Fake rainbow seen the High Street today

Yesterday’s photo caused quite a stir on the Beckenham Appreciation FaceBook Group. Some people focused on it showing a crowd ignoring current social distancing rules while one disputed it’s authenticity. She said “This photo is 100% NOT outside Fee and Brown!!!. More fake news!” so quite emphatic.

Most photographers, and those interested in the subject, know that any “truth” a photo offers is subject to many caveats: point of view, framing, processing, contexts shown, associations and the viewers own values all contribute to how a person sees and reads an image.

Yet photos are not just digital pictures as they do require something to be photographed whereas a digital picture can be wholly created by a person’s imagination and skill. The lady who disputed the location of my image was wrong; the photo was taken at the location stated on the day stated and so not fake.

Today’s image is “fake” in the sense that includes a wholly digitally created rainbow but it is still a partially authentic record of Beckenham High Street on May 18 and 10.51am but it does offer the viewer a true, albeit partial, record of what took place at that location on that day and at that time in all other respects.