October 8 2020

Managed decline

Up until I was 20 everything was pretty normal. Then, in 1978 I became paralysed and for the last 42 years have been a wheelchair user.

When I reached 60, a couple of years ago I found that my physical abilities were declining. For example, pushing any distance became harder, as was getting in and out of the car and other transfers. This led to some changes in the way I do things. For example, I began to use a transfer cushion in my car so I no longer have to lift my body weight; and then I began to use a power add on to my wheelchair when outside.

Today there is a third addition to this new arsenal: a bathroom hoist. This helps me get on and off the loo and in and out of the bath without having to transfer. It’s a welcome addition because of that.

August 28 2020

Is this still necessary?

Covid doesn’t appear to be killing in the numbers it was. For example, back on April 9 2020 we experienced 5865 new Covid cases and 1152 deaths. August 27 2020 we experienced 1522 new cases and 12 deaths. So the proportion of people dying from Covid has dropped from 20 percent to <0.1 percent. Does this indicate that it is less lethal?