December 20 2020

The new lockdown…

I expected the streets to be fairly empty when going around the corner to get my Sunday paper following Boris’ announcement yesterday evening, but that was far from the case. M&S was full with people forming long queues and the streets seemed busier than usual.

November 8

Remembrance Sunday

I never knew uncle Jimmy. He died on May 22 1944 aged just 21 years old after his Lancaster bomber was shot down and crashed in the Wash. He is buried in Cambridge Cemetery with his crew mates.

Jimmy was born in 1922 at 134 Ravenscroft Road, Beckenham. He went to Penge and Beckenham Grammar School. After leaving, Jimmy worked in a bank. As war became likely he joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve and then served as a bomb aimer in The RAF.

He’d been married to Betty for just one year when he died.

I remember Jimmy and all those with him.