May 23, 2019

Beckenham decides – well, votes. I make this distinction because it appears politicians don’t really listen or care what ordinary people think if it doesn’t accord with their views. (That’s all of the political parties).

May 11, 2019

European Parliament Elections postal ballot form – a choice between twenty one parties/independents.

I used to like the Labour Party for their compassion and focus on ordinary peoples’ needs reflected in their welfare policies. I grew up in a council flat and house; use(d) the NHS; and completed a massively subsidised Open University degree while on welfare benefits without which I wouldn’t have got back into work after being injured.

However I have also liked the Tory Party at times for their focus on individual responsibility; protection of the citizen from too much state interference, and the recognition that the (heavily regulated) market works better in practice than socialism.

But now? The Tories appear to me as a disorganised, uncaring/cruel bunch of toffs out for their own gain, while labour seems to be too driven by an internationalist ideology that has forgotten its historical focus and core values. So who do you think I voted for?