April 7 2020

A very strange day where I could not settle.

The sun came out for the afternoon and was welcome. The first hot day where I could sunbathe. But with Boris in intensive care and another 854 people lost to Covid-19 it was nigh on impossible to completely relax and enjoy. Let’s hope that tomorrow brings better news.

April 4 2020

Our Cherry Blossom Tree

I usually enjoy the sudden onslaught of colour that accompanies spring. It’s not just the colour though; the better weather offers more opportunities to get out and about.

This year is different for obvious reasons and so today I have to be content with this view of my little cherry blossom tree that sits by our front door. Stay safe, stay in.

April 1 2020

New realities

Someone reminded me yesterday just how quickly this new horrible reality has come upon us. Just a few short weeks ago who would have thought we’d all be wearing masks and queuing metres apart when shopping, or that you could be fined for being out without good reason?

March 31 2020

Shopping list

Karen hasn’t done a big supermarket shop since February. We were away quite a bit at the beginning of the month so didn’t need much and then fell ill before the restrictions on movements came into force. So most of our shopping has been very local.

Today however marked an exciting change. I hope to have heavily influenced Karen’s list with lots of sweet and savoury goodies but am unsure whether they will materialise as I write this. Here’s hoping. 🙂