3 thoughts on “March 15 2020

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Pete, whatever it is. As I’ve said elsewhere, I like the way these posts pop up every morning at about the time I should stop OCA stuff and get ready for heading out to work. I’ll keep an eye out for their resumption…

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  2. Sorry to hear that Pete. David was ill all last week with night sweats, restricted throat and then swollen glands. He started to feel better on Saturday. Hope you will too. They have stopped visitors to my brothers care home so my dad is upset about that. It was like Armageddon in Waitrose yesterday. It all seems so unreal… thinking of you 🌞

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    • Thanks Jan. I think it was something K and I ate as after 24 hours of sweats, shivers and visits to the little room we appear both okay (if weak) this morning. 🙂 k mentioned her concern for you re you dad the other day. Let’s hope it all calms down soon.


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