3 thoughts on “November 24 2019

    • The economics of the NHS has always frustrated me Catherine. E.g., how the capital equipment/estate stands idle for so much of the time. Also how the economics of the bureaucracy seems counter-intuitive. For example, I was given a pair of scissors because they were used once and would be thrown away as that is cheaper than cleaning them for the next patient.


      • Agreed Pete. The NHS is driven by Accountants, Managers, bean counters. If we did away with all but the essential layer of such people (to ensure the monies were accounted for), the savings could be used to fund front line staff, and the Capex would be put to better use. New hospitals with closed wards are madness. Closed because there is no money for wages. Whilst I’m on my hobby horse…….the costs of equipment, materials and services provided by extenal companies should be reviewed by someone other than the Civil Service. £8 for a single light bulb and £29 to fit it!

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