2 thoughts on “March 30 2020

  1. But isn’t it the way it has all become like this so suddenly that is shocking/surprising ? You only need to go back a little over a fortnight to the 14th (the day before the ides of March) for you to be posting pictures for this stream that seem completely normal and in keeping with 2019. A little – three weeks – earlier you posted a daffodils-and-spring shot and I was doing that how-come-it’s-almost-March thing again, same as every year. Even a few days later – and you had the nous to take a picture of him and post it here – Johnson’s broadcast to the nation seemed closer to fiction than reality. It’s all going to (probably) go through a load more phases of strange and even stranger, before we really know what 2020 will feel like, looking back. Assuming we can look back…

    Keep up the good work!

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    • Shocking is an apt word for our new life Simon. I’ve never known anything remotely close to this. Blackouts in the early 1970s, terrorism, the minors strike seem all remote/inconsequential compared to this.😕


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